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  • The rules you are unknowingly following that are keeping you "stuck"
  • Why being a specialist is going to hurt your business in the future
  • How to make data your best friend
  • The ONE process you can trust to ensure you make level-headed decisions
  • Lessons from Disney, Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Corning, UPS, Moxie USA, Google, Gandhi, BLC Bank of Lebanon, Bic.. and others.
  • Why teaming up with your rivals is a GOOD thing
  • Why size matters when it comes to thinking differently 
  • What Burning Man can teach you about the creative process
  • Why thinking outside the box is not the right approach to generating lots of ideas​​​​​​​
  • ... and much, MUCH, more!
Raise Your Innovation IQ book


We are amidst an avalanche of ceaseless change. This change will render some strong businesses unstable, while enabling the weak to grow mighty.

The time is ripe for a change in how we think, both at an organizational and at an individual level. Whether this scares you or excites you, this book is for you.

Raise Your Innovation IQ will give you ideas and tools to develop what will become your super-power in business- the ability to think differently and rise above the noise.


5 Ways To Use This Book:

1 ASSESS new business ideas

2 LEARN from top innovators like ELON MUSK, MATT VESCOVO, & SUZIE DEERING and leading-edge companies like CORNING, DISNEY & 3M

3 LEVERAGE your personal talents

4. ENHANCE your  team's success

5. SUPPORT a friend, family member or coleague with the perfect gift 

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    "An easy and insightful read filled with strategies we could implement immediately."

    -Sarah C., Chief Strategy Officer,

    San Francisco, CA

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    "We transformed our division's performance with just one of these big ideas."